Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lady gaga inspired Graphic

Hello guys!!
It's been a while Huh??
I am very busy with my school ..that's why i haven't post a lot...
i just made this graphic...i think is very cute :
The hair i used was made by my good friend Katherine (katherine1819)
and the body was made by Louren brose

i made the make-up and im very proud of it =]]

Hope u guys liked it as much as i do

XOXO ;* Nicole


  1. But you didn't make the dress.
    It's from the i-Dressup Lady Gaga doll.

  2. again ¬¬
    did not said i make it..i ALWAYS use clohes from i-dressup

  3. That's really great! But how do you move the clothes and hair from i-dressup to photoshop? I know that you use copy and paste, but how do you get it to sit right on the medoll's head?

  4. Hi I love your designs they're great!! I was wondering if you could do a design for me: the thing is I recently made a blog about stardoll and I was wondering if you could make my blog a 'logo' and also a graphic for the blog writers,just me for now,it would be great if you went to my blog and said yes or no in my most recent post!!!!! If you say yes then we could work things out later :) thank you soooo much :) my blog is: stardollsocialites.blogspot.com

  5. hey hey i was just wonderin if you can do me a banner for my blog my blonde stardoll world.My stardoll accont is hubblebubbly

  6. Could you make a banner for me too? My email address is: wolfe88nikki@yahoo.ca

    I would luv it if you got back to me