Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New graphic and New blog

Hello guys??
how are ya'll...?!
so my friend Kirsten told me that she and some of her friends were making a blog...so the blog release was yesterday =]
i think this is going to be a huge blog..hope u all follow and comment ;D
Stardoll Scoop

Changing the subject i just made a graphic and i wanted to share with you all...i actually liked this one better then the last one:

I really love that outfit and hair =]]

Hope u guys enjoy it as much as i do
please leave your oppinions!!

XOXO ; Nicole


  1. cool! I saw it on Style Mag. with Ellie

  2. thanks bailey i loved it too
    yeah..is from jen garner's doll love that outfit

  3. I don't love as much as the last on but it's nice

  4. I love it !
    PLEASE nicole, can you make a graphic to me?
    I would be sooooo happy! :]