Thursday, August 6, 2009

New graphic

Hey Guys !
Well... My vacation is almost in the end (¬¬)
My school starts on august 10th...and i must say..Im quite excited for it...
i haven't seen most of my friends in a while

changing the subject , i was bored so i made an graphic:


i used the same body from the Blog banner (hope u guys don't mind)
..I not 100% sure about that isn't one of my best ones ...but it isn't one of my worse ones =]
Hope u guys like it

XOXO ;* Nicole


  1. I love it.
    I like how it fades at the bottom. haha =)

  2. :O It's brilliant Nicole! Great job!

    Do you get all your bodies from i-dressup, or do you make some?

  3. I love it.
    It's pretty good.
    Nice Work

  4. both the banner and this one is from style magazine
    i dont mean to be rude but you should give her credit since you didnt make the bodies of either?

    your heads are gorgeous though
    you should really do your own bodies cause im sure they would be great aswell

  5. i took the body from i-dressup..dont you think u should check..she got it from there too...she transformed in to stardoll format in her way..and me in mine you should compare before u talk all the crap about me and my work...WE JUST HAPPEND TO USE THE SAME BODY FORM...IN DIFFERENT FORMATS..okay??did u get it??or do u want me to draw...and yes rude when people acuse me im sorry for anything

  6. look i wasnt looking for a fight,
    its alittle disrespectful when i was just looking at the comparison thats extremly similar.
    i was complimenting you on your other graphics so dont take it like i was attacking you.
    you shouldnt be so defensive, instead you can calmly explain to me how they are different.
    im sorry for jumping to conclusions but you have to admit that they are very much alike so you could see how i would be alitte confused

  7. maybe you should just use different outfits so people arent suspicious :)
    its just a suggestion so dont be offended by it
    okay well i hope there are no hard feelings

  8. i did got offendid...'cuz i kinda callend me a copier...and thats somthing i really dont respect...i couldn't use another outfit cuz this made was made to use with outfit and a serie of others...but i liked this one the im sorry if i offended you...but u offended me too

  9. okay well im sorry and i didnt mean for it to come out like that
    i was just confused at the similarity :)

    i love your graphics and i apologize that i questioned you
    keeep up the good work! :D

  10. Ok..
    thanks a lot for the complements...hope there's no hard feelings between us