Sunday, August 9, 2009

New graphic

Hello guys!!
just made an graphic and wanted to share =]
i really hope y'all like it as much as i do (love the hair):
That graphic remind's me of a 50's housewive,
well thats it for this post..
i would love u guys to post your oppinions on this graphic

XOXO ;* Nicole


  1. I seriously agree with housewive thing. lmao
    I love the hair also !!

  2. Amazing!
    Please put me in one of your graphics. (On i-dressup are men celebrities)

  3. Of course John..i'll make a male doll on the next post

  4. The medoll you feature is style's and not yours it can be seen by the lip color..And anyway you obviously copy her medoll so you thought that featuring hers would not be visible..But my eyesight is still good

  5. i know is her doll...i use her doll for the past two graphics as a model for her lip color and eyeshadow...and i have this doll for the past 1 and a half years on was Keit_Luscious old face...she was my friend and when she changed her face i asked her to use her old one...i dont know if she copied fro style'....but i took it from Keit_Luscious..and i wont change my face because of what do u think...bicaus i have permition of my friend Keit_Luscious to use it...

  6. Fay are you serious ? She didn't copy style's face theres half a million people who look the same on Stardoll. Even if she did, what was your point. I don't think she makes these graphics for YOU and it doesn't say its nicole's medoll anyway. That was just rude

  7. It's nice and really well made i love all of your designes because you make everything so realistic it's nice and looks good and i would like to see a male in graphics or try something new a group graphic something fresh and you will have a big future (u allready have one)

  8. seriously I didn't mean to offend just pointing out..Nice graphic :)

  9. Love it, I think it really does fit that 50's housewive look you were talking about.

    xoxo mia monroe

  10. I just LOVE all your graphics, i have been trying for like a 100 hours right now to try to make a graphik.
    But I just cant ! ''O

    I LOVE your work, keep up girl ! ''D